Leesa Mattress

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User reviews and ratings:

I thought my back hurting was just a matter of health, and something I simply had to live with. Our other mattress which was a nice pillow top had pressure points which bothered us. But this Leesa is not too hard, not too soft. I have never woken up uncomfortable. The firmness is exactly right for me.

Leesa mattress has good movement isolation, good for intimacy and the king size is giant. It does not sleep hot and it bounces right back as you turn over, so it stays comfy all night. But it seems to be very dependent on weight for feel.

Setup was super easy – unroll and wait. I had back surgery years ago, and anything I tried didn’t work for me. I cant believe anyone who says it too firm, if anything it could be firmer for me. Very well made, solid and comfortable.

We figured we would give the Leesa a try based on the reviews we read. I also purchased a mattress cover. Taking the mattress out of the box was a bit of a hassle, but I was expecting it. It is not a memory foam and is more similar to a latex mattress. And this mattress is in a class of it’s own. No springs, no sagging, no sinking, no pressure points.