Best Mattress to Buy in 2020

Sleep is vitally important to our overall health. Besides recharging after a long day, but it actually plays a role in weight control, cognitive function and longevity.

Thus, sleep is very important and losing sleep has its consequences. It can increase stress levels, cause poor work performance, affect your driving ability and just generally poor decision making ability.

Nothing can make you lose sleep more than an uncomfortable mattress. We spend one third of our lives sleeping, we should make it count. Tossing and turning can be an indication that your mattress has given up the ghost and it is time for a new one. As is neck and lower back pain.

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When choosing a new mattress it is important to take various criteria into consideration.

  • Mattress Type – Choosing either foam, which hugs the body giving a contouring effect, as opposed to coils which offer more bounce. The latter is better for larger framed individuals or those with extreme heat issues.
  • Budget – This is probably the most inhibitory criterion. You should spend at least $500 for a decent mattress.
  • Firmness – Most people prefer a medium to firm mattress
  • Sleeping Positions – This is linked to firmness. Side sleepers generally prefer a softer mattress, back sleepers with a solid medium and those who sleep on their stomachs prefer the firmer mattresses
  • Body Weight – How much you weigh will affect the support your mattress needs. The heavier you are, the firmer your mattress needs to be.

Using these criteria and rating each mattress accordingly, let’s look at the best mattress to buy for 2020.

1. Casper mattress

The four layer foam mattress provides medium to firm support and rated universally comfortable, providing breathability and hypoallergenic latex regulating temperature adequately. The foam layers comprise a durable support layer, adaptive transition foam, responsive memory foam and an open-cell springy top layer.

  • Pros: The response poly foam with the memory foam underneath gives a contouring, hugging feeling which is synonymous with comfort. This also negates the tendency of memory foam to insulate heat, as the top layer is breathable.
  • Cons: The Casper mattress tends to feel unsupportive for heavier sleepers and side sleepers, sinking through the poly foam layer and creating pressure points from the harder support layer. Also lacking in edge support, users tend to experience increased sinkage when sitting on the edge.
  • Conclusion: Perfect for people with average constitution, who prefer to sleep on stomach or back.

The price ranges from $550 – $1150.

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2. Leesa mattress

This mattress is a hybrid consisting of both Avena and memory foam. The Avena foam’s job is to provide airflow, cooling and comfort whereas the memory foam plays a supporting role. Underneath these two layers is a durable high density support foam layer to give the mattress structure. The Leesa is neutral with regards to firmness suiting the majority of sleepers.

  • Pros: Memory foam tends to sleep hot but with the Avena overlayer, this efficiently disperses any retained heat. The top layer is also very responsive and moulds efficiently to the body making it very comfortable. Furthermore, the Avena and memory foam reduces motion transfer making perfect for couples.
  • Cons: There is a little edge support.
  • Conclusion: Perfect for couples with average constitution, who prefer to sleep on a side.

The price ranges from $535 – $1070.

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3. Amerisleep mattress

The Amerisleep series of memory foam mattresses ranges from soft to firm depending on the particular mattress. There are a few commonalities between all the options, however. One being the Celliant advanced thread technology that converts body heat into infrared light which increases blood flow, reduces pain and regulates body temperature.

The mattresses are also coated with a fire retardant and comprise Bio-Pur foam which is custom-designed for comfort, cooling and support. Finally surface modification technology and variable pressure foaming which improve breathability, reduce pressure points improve cooling.

  • Pros: There is a firmness option for you within the range and the memory foam hugs body contours providing comfort and pressure relief. The mattress is exceedingly breathable.
  • Cons: Memory foam mattresses are not suitable for heavier individuals.
  • Conclusion: Perfect for couples with average constitution, who prefer to sleep on stomach or back.

Pricing ranges between $699 and $1599.

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4. Helix mattress

This mattress is an interesting choice as it is a completely customizable experience. After filling out a short questionnaire, they will construct a mattress to suit your needs. The three poly foam layers and microcoil top are altered in terms of firmness and density to give the customer the feel they require. Ranging from medium to firm.

  • Pros: Due to the coil top layer it has great bounce and responsiveness, as well as decent cooling. It is customized to individual needs.
  • Cons: The longevity of the mattress is questionable with some slackening of the memory foam noted after a few months. The mattress cover is quite thin with no padding and thus the sleeper is directly engaged with the coil layer. As the mattress is customized to individual needs, it might not suit both partners.
  • Conclusion: Perfect for couples and heavyweight people, who prefer to sleep on stomach or back.

This mattress is priced from $600 – $1195.

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5. WinkBeds mattress

This luxury hybrid mattress combines the plush comfort of foam with the supporting nature of coils, covered by a foam pillowtop. The top is a blend of HyperSoft foam and gel designed to contour to your body and breathe more easily. There are soft, medium and firm options available.

  • Pros: The mattress maintains its shape and is highly responsive, providing comfortable sinkage. The coils allow breathability and provide support, as well as having great edge support, especially for larger sleepers. There is coolControl technology which can change the temperature of the mattress by + 30 or -10 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is controlled by two remotes, one for each side of the mattress or a power unit. There is even a convenient iOS app allowing control from a phone or tablet. The coils make it suitable for side sleepers, without resulting in pressure points.
  • Cons: Due to the bounce of the coils there is more motion transfer than in foam mattresses. The noise and vibration created by the motors used in the coolControl base may be annoying to some sleepers.
  • Conclusion:Perfect for heavyweight people, who prefer to sleep on a side.

Pricing on this mattress ranges from $649 – $1548.

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Best Mattresses in 2020 year

As you can see, the best mattress the own for everyone. It all depends on your needs, on your budget and on yourself. In this rated chart, we tried to collect mattresses, which received the best reviews among their customers on certain criteria.

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Therefore, if you are sleeping on your back, then most likely you have to take a closer look at Casper, Amerisleep and Helix mattresses.

If you like to sleep on your side, then Leesa and WinkBeds mattresses will be the best options for you.

All these are the best mattresses among the reviews in 2020 year. Well, what kind of mattress will be your only and not replaceable, depends only on you.

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